To Our Valued Patrons, Family, Friends
and the City of Jersey City

On June 28, 2015 we will be closing La Conguita Restaurant.

After arriving from Cuba in 1967, Adilio Gonzalez became a factory worker in Linden, NJ. With time, patience, hard work and luck he came across a small grocery store on the corner of Grove and Bay Streets with an owner looking to leave the area due to the increasing crime. Even though riots, robbery and assaults were common-place back then, Adilio always believed in this community and its residents so he invested what he had and took over.

Time passed of Adilio and his wife, Elida, working long, hard days, weeks and months and he was finally able to expand and move the store across the street. In its place La Conguita Restaurant opened in 1980.

From its humble beginnings, La Conguita grew a bit and changed décor and menus with the times but we have tried to never forget our original philosophy of serving quality food at affordable prices no matter what the current economic climate.

The restaurant business is tough and sometimes you succeed and fail on a daily basis but we hope that our customers know that we always tried our best for you. Without our employees and the public we would have never existed, grown and been able to give back to this community that we love so much.

We wish you all the best and pray for the continued success of downtown Jersey City and hope it never forgets its roots and all the small businesses that paved the way.

As for us, the Gonzalez family will continue to be present in other ways and serve the area and its residents in any way we can. Thank you again for your continued love and support these past 35 years.

--Adilio, Elida and Alex Gonzalez

"Keep it simple, but flavorful"

In 1967 Adilio Gonzalez and his family left Cuba for a better life in the United States. After several years of factory work he opened a small grocery store on the corner of Grove and Bay Street. In 1980 he moved the store across the street and opened La Conguita Restaurant in its place. The original restaurant had 7 tables with a short lunch counter and it soon became a neighborhood favorite for its authentic latin food. Many things have changed since then, including the renaming of the corner to Adilio Gonzalez Plaza, but our philosophy remains the same: keep it simple but flavorful. We hope you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy preparing it.

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